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A website builder that initially became popular as a blogging portal, WordPress has evolved as a content management system (CMS) for businesses that need a handy tool to update and modify their web content.

The product was released in May 2003 and its user-friendly architecture allowed multiple entities to contribute to its improvement. As of 2019, 14.7% of world’s 100 top websites are based on this open-source platform. Some of the popular brands that power their portals with WordPress include Walt Disney, Sony, MTV, BBC and New Yorker. And more than 500 new sites are built everyday using the free version of the tool.

If you are planning to launch a new website for your business, here are ten factors that will encourage you to use WordPress:

1-It is budget-friendly

Being an open source CMS platform, WordPress is completely free of cost and is therefore preferred by small businesses that want to set up their website with no CapEx. It also has a range of free theme templates and plugins.
Your website with domain name extension comprising “” is absolutely free. You only need to pay a nominal fee when you upgrade to a plan that gives you bigger storage space, an exclusive domain name (without extension) and a number of design customisation options.

2-Setting up the website is a breeze

You need not be a coding expert to set up your business website on WordPress – just login to your account like you use any online service and choose a theme to begin with. Play with designs and colours to get the look and feel that describes your brand most optimally. There are several plugins to make your website functionally rich and many of them do not need any payment.

3-Content management is another piece of cake

Once your website is live, you can start creating content for specific business sections. After logging into the account, just navigate to the ‘Posts’ section of your dashboard menu and post the content, segregating it under page headings of your choice such as Home, About us, Services, Products, Blog, and Contact us.

There are text editors, formatting tools, and ways to upload images, videos and other media files to enrich your content visually. You will be able to learn all the functionalities in no time and can keep updating your web content as per the rolling offers and new services delivered by your brand.

4-Web designs are highly responsive

Yes, your business website will be mobile-friendly when you develop it using WordPress. It has been built for responsive web design that keeps navigation smooth and allows content to be viewed easily on any screen size. Even while uploading new content on to the portal, you can check how it will look on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Just in case a particular theme does not look pixel perfect on small screens, you can use some plugins to optimize it for mobile.

5-Your website gets SEO elements

Your web portal must show up high in search engine results when customers search for your products and services – a WordPress website helps you here too. It is one of the most SEO-friendly content management systems, allowing your site to rank competitively on Google and other search engines.

Optimizing a website made with WordPress is even simpler with Yoast plugin. As a user-friendly plugin, Yoast provides step-by-step guidance for its setup and once installed, it takes care of your SEO measures to bring in more traffic and maintain a good visibility for your website. You can also evaluate and improve the SEO elements of your business website on WordPress by leveraging free and robust Google analytics.

6-Versatility is the name of the game

One of the finest aspects of WordPress is its versatile nature. Even though it started as a blogging platform and is still used by both new and experienced bloggers, it developed to include a range of features and functions that allow users to customize their content in assorted ways.

Today, WordPress accommodates a variety of multimedia elements and creative font to craft beautiful websites. From visually striking themes that suit enterprises offering travel services or fashion apparel and professional themes with main emphasis on text contents to themes that lend website a magazine-like feel, WordPress fuels online presence in multiple styles.

7-E-Commerce solutions are available

You can certainly use WordPress to run an online business. It provides ready-to-use e-commerce solutions with plugins such as WooCommerce and WP Ecommerce. They help in creating beautiful storefronts and allow you to tailor your pages in minutes.

It is also easy to choose your payment method and integrate payment gateways such as PayPal on e-commerce sites developed using WordPress.

8-WordPress is scalable

With its scalability, WordPress makes it easier to increase the content of your website as your business grows and when you expand your marketing reach. What’s more, with the use of right plugins and site structure, you will also get optimal loading speed for webpages and quick response time for different features and functionalities even if you add more content and / or there is a spike in web traffic.

Thanks to this trait, when you build your website on WordPress, you will not have to change your hosting plan frequently because the heavier media contents can easily be optimized with plugins while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

9-Large online support community

As a powerful online website development platform employed by millions of users, WordPress is also known for its network of support system. You can contact a skilled team of web developers and participate in discussion forums run by a large community to find quick solutions to any problem that you may be facing while using the tool.

Additionally, there are many informative WordPress blogs sharing tips and tricks to use the platform more resourcefully. Such support makes WordPress ideal for both bloggers and business users.

10-It is secure and reliable

Besides being a smart web development and CMS platform, WordPress is also effectively secure for your website and blogging needs. Security is taken seriously here and the team releases regular updates and security patches to build a safe website environment for your business.

You can also enhance your WordPress website’s security with basic web security protocols and by installing additional plugins .

Summing up

You may be digital-savvy or digital-novice, taking your brand online for marketing and direct sales will not require much effort with WordPress as your online base. And if you still need professional help to make the most of your website built on this agile platform, do not hesitate to contact my team. We’ll develop your portal and offer personalized digital marketing support to use WordPress efficiently for seamless business growth.

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